Sober Curious?

I was asked what made me start writing my blog, “Fiercely Sober”, which is material for my book.

Here is my reply:

My intention is to be part of the pro-sobriety movement, shifting preconceived notions that sobriety is dull, hard, or in any way less fulfilling than a booze-filled life. I hope to help booze go the way of cigarettes, with factual information showing the dangers of addiction for some individuals. I know many have a solid handle on imbibing and I never wish to be judging or intolerant of anyone who enjoys partaking. I have no problem being around it and still have a large collection of valuable wine. Changing our culture’s heavy pro-drinking influence, especially the marketing that portrays alcohol as socially acceptable, even a necessary component of having fun, marketing that makes us think we will be sexier and more attractive, more appealing with booze, represents alcohol as confidence-inducing, that it rids us of anxiety, will take a village- a sober village. I do envision a successful shift of our pro-alcohol culture to one based more on unbiased information not funded by corporations that profit from the sales of alcohol and alcohol-related habits. I want young people to be knowledgable about the consequences of addiction, the negative experiences that can occur. It is right that more people be made aware of the facts about addiction and the brain, how easy it is to become addicted to addicting substances of many types, how to spot the warning signs, how to gain control, and knowledge of the truths that un-romance wine and all forms of booze so people can be better informed to make wise decisions.

Published by Judes

After working decades in Hospitality and businesses related to drinking, I am making the choice to become sober. Here are my musings on the adventure. Thank you for being here with me!

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