Sobriety is a SUPERPOWER

This statement “Sobriety is a SuperPower” was included in the first few sentences of Brene’ Brown’s post about her now 24 years of sobriety. Sobriety being a Superpower is right, it made me smile with such JOY! It takes a fierceness to become sober, hence the name of my blog. We have to rally against the culture that has us convinced we are flawed if we DON’T drink. That’s the most ridiculous, backwards, and WRONG perspective imaginable. The notion that we are inferior because we choose NOT to poison ourselves is insane. Something is wrong with US because we choose to be the healthiest, purest form of ourselves? Because we tried on the experience of addiction to booze and decided it didn’t feel good? I want to bust the lies apart, banish the false, deceitful marketing about the coolness of drinking a specific brand of beer or wine. I want to destroy the myth that booze makes us sexy, happier, more fun, relaxed, peaceful. It does NOT. I want to blow the hat off the clown that tries to convince us that booze makes life better in any way. I accept that many people enjoy booze in moderation, that’s awesome and more power to them. But the vast majority of those who imbibe alcohol are addicted at some level. Our culture enthusiastically supports and ultimately feeds our universal addiction to alcohol; the profits are enormous and the trail of deceit long. Perhaps in the future alcohol will go the way of cigarette smoking. Smoking went through a drastic change over time from being something people believed was healthy and stress relieving, with marketing and advertising singing the benefits and joys of inhaling nicotine, tar, and all sorts of contaminants and poisons, to being banned in most communities. The evidence came through after many decades of suffering and death. We finally learned the truth. There was massive proof that the dangers and life threatening consequences to those who smoke and those near them was seriously harming. Now we look upon cigarette smoking as pathetic. I go back to my first attempt at smoking and how horrific I felt. I would never have puffed again if I had trusted my reaction more deeply, if it had not been more important to be cool than to trust my gut. Booze is similar, the first trial is usually deplorable. Let’s hope the same thing happens one day with alcohol consumption as happened with cigarettes, may booze become no longer the cool thing to do, gone by the wayside in favor of our collective health.

But I digress. It is absolutely TRUE, sobriety is a superpower. We have no idea of all the joy, all the self love, all the trust in ourselves that comes from committing and persevering with sobriety. Happiness returns at levels not previously experienced. We grow up into ourselves when we choose sobriety. What a relief to never HAVE to drink booze again. I slayed that damn Booze Bitch and she is gone, gone, gone out of my life. She could have destroyed me like she did so many other lives, but I caught on to her in time. I wrestled her to the ground, and smashed her. I put up guards on all my windows. Now I have burned her in the fire of my sober passion. She is afraid of me, she has become small and unimportant. Now my life is richer, fuller, better in every way.

I am going to share a beautiful, powerful post that one of my sober sisters put on a FaceBook group that I am engaged in, with her full permission, of course. So many people struggle over and over and over to get past the beginning stages of addiction. It IS hard, it IS challenging, it IS exasperating. But it IS the best thing you will ever do, trust us.

Here are Geryth Iozzo’s words of wisdom:


Making the commitment sucks…

I KNOW…it’s hard to commit.

Making changes is difficult…

I KNOW…changes are a pain.

I wish I didn’t have an issue with alcohol…

I KNOW…me too.

WHY is this so hard?
I KNOW…it is.

I feel so alone…

I KNOW…but you’re not.

Why am I feeling so powerless?
I KNOW…you are NOT.

Why can’t I have just one or two?

I KNOW…I can’t either.

How come I don’t know how to stop?

I KNOW…I thought I couldn’t either.

Once you are truly honest with yourself and your relationship with alcohol,

You’ll KNOW too.

Keep going!! Keep trying!!!

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Thank you Geryth! I love the encouragement here, we are uplifters and Sober Happy.

We invite you to come join us, the SoberSphere world is filled with unlimited possibilities for a life without boundaries.

Published by Judes

After working decades in Hospitality and businesses related to drinking, I am making the choice to become sober. Here are my musings on the adventure. Thank you for being here with me!

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