This one great big, beautiful life

I get pretty blissed out during my morning sacred time. I do not follow a specific religion as I embrace the belief that each person should follow their own inner guidance and embrace what works for them. Many paths lead to Source. I light a candle, sit in the dark as the candle light glows, sip my warm lemon water, and allow the silence to consume me. My senses seem more acute, the serenity I feel is soothing and reassuring, all is right in my world. More than right, all is amazing. I have always believed myself to be blessed in extraordinary ways, it lives deep in my soul, a knowing. I was raised by loving parents, grew up with horses, had a wonderful first love, have experienced a rich and growth-centered journey of discovery. I have family and friends who I love with all my heart and soul, and they love me back. I have a fantastic job and my own business that lights me up. Focusing on all that is right in my world, all the ways I relish my good fortune and acknowledge the positive, brings an endless supply of the best things my way. I have always embraced the perspective that the glass is half full, but beyond that, my glass is always overflowing. Admittedly, I am a person of excess. If I go for something, I go ALL the way. Case in point, drinking. If I create something to drink, I overfill my glass-even water. I don’t quite understand how I became a person who overfills and overflows, but I think there are many worse things in life.

This morning I am filled with an incredible abundance of gratitude for my sober life. I am amazed at how good I feel, physically and mentally. My mind is clear and bright, thoughts are flowing, ideas are birthing incessantly in my mind. This delights and surprises me. As I write this I am chuckling at what happened, what I did, at work yesterday. It’s good to laugh at ourselves! I work at a winery, a revered, internationally renowned and esteemed winery. Our customers are passionate in their love for the wine, and I have an easy time selling it. I was filling a large order of wine for wine club members with whom I had enjoyed a wonderful connection. I went to our large wine storage barn which is a short walk from where customers are seated. I had my iPad with me to check the order to insure I would get all the right wines, a practice necessary to prevent mistakes. I had three heavy wine totes to carry back to the customers, so I tucked my iPad carefully in the sleeve of one of the cloth wine totes. I then marched back to the area where the customers had been sitting in their cabana. The couple was standing up and ready to head out, so I cheerfully handed them their wine totes, with a big smile, graciously thanked them for their very generous tip, and went about my business. It was 45 minutes later as I searched for my iPad to do my next transaction when I realized I had sent my iPad home with them! So maybe my head isn’t as clear as I claim it to be. Ha. The reality is that I was intending to be super efficient, as I always intend to be, and that one moment of distraction in handing over the wine totes resulted in losing track of the tool I use to do business. Whoops! I was so frazzled when I realized what I had done, I felt like a true dunce. I mentioned to the Tasting Room Manager that I earned the title “Dunce of the Day”, and she said “No argument there!”. Ouch.

The owner of the winery was in the wine storage barn later in the day. I respect, admire, and really like this man. He has enormous integrity, talent, and is an overall great person. He gave me a very friendly hello and asked how I was doing. I told him about earning the title “Dunce of the Day”, explained what had happened, and that it was an embarrassing tale to tell. He laughed, made a joke about how we are giving iPads with the wine purchases now, today’s big special. I was most appreciative of his lightness. I have not a single doubt that the iPad will be brought back to us as soon as the couple finds it in their tote. The cloth wine totes are black and the iPads are black and small, so they likely have not yet discovered it. I left a message with the couple and as they are wine club members along with being wonderful people, I know it will be returned. It was very refreshing to get a reaction that let me off the hook of feeling guilty and stupid for my oops. And it really felt good to be so honest and open about my faux pau. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, life is just way too serious.

Today is Saturday, the sun is rising, and I know deep in my bones that it is going to be a great day. I wish you a wonderful, blessings filled day of fun, fulfillment, and overflow. Thank you for being here with me, it makes my reason for writing and sharing so worthwhile.


Published by Judes

After working decades in Hospitality and businesses related to drinking, I am making the choice to become sober. Here are my musings on the adventure. Thank you for being here with me!

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