Fiercely Sober

  • Basking…
    Day 382 Alcohol Free, I am floating in the ineffable JOY of my life these days. Here I sit, reflecting on this past year-plus with its many unexpected twists and turns, with the myriad of challenges and struggles, a mix of excruciatingly painful days and nights and episodes of explosive joy, plenty of solitude (moreContinue reading “Basking…”
  • Sadie, my Dream Dog
    I decided to count, the other day, all the dogs I have had in my life since I was a baby. There were fifteen memorable canines, ranging from cocker spaniel to beagle, a black lab, a collie, then lots of awesome rescue dogs during my ten years of ranch care taking, and then a seriesContinue reading “Sadie, my Dream Dog”
  • Kaleidoscope
    A kaleidoscope is a compilation of broken, bright-colored glass pieces and tiny mirrors, which, when combined in precisely the right sequence, create unparalleled beauty. I have always loved kaleidoscopes. I find them stunning in their beauty and fascinating in their endless possibilities of spectacular images. I must pick up and gaze through any kaleidoscope IContinue reading “Kaleidoscope”
  • WOW
    One week away from ONE YEAR SOBER! Awemazing. The word that comes up for me the most, is “WOW”. Interestingly, I am in the process of creating a hospitality side business I call “How to WOW” , the art of delighting customers. After 20+ years in hospitality (mainly restaurants) and 15 years of owning businessesContinue reading “WOW”
  • “Aha!” Moments
    I was thinking back the other day about what prompted me (last year) to finally decide it was time to give alcohol-FREE living a go. I vividly remember saying, and thinking, “If the man I am so enamored with decided to go sober, I would be willing to give up booze (gasp!) in order toContinue reading ““Aha!” Moments”
  • My Roadmap to Sober Success
    As I quickly approach the milestone of one entire year sober, I want to share how I got here. Hard to believe I have made it nearly 365 days not drinking alcohol, 52 weeks of choosing not to imbibe, 8760 hours of saying NO to the Booze Bitch. I long to share what has workedContinue reading “My Roadmap to Sober Success”
  • It all starts with Self Care
    Self-Care Assessment- How are you doing? I still have some work to do. But I’m getting there! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ I found this on FaceBook and had to share: Rate the following areas according to how well you think you are doing: 3 = I do this well (e.g., frequently)2 = I do this OK (e.g., occasionally)1Continue reading “It all starts with Self Care”
  • Dementors
    I am an enraptured fan of the Harry Potter book series. Each of my boys read the books, beginning with me reading to them when they were too young to read on their own. We were among the first to purchase each newly published work in the series as soon as it was available, evenContinue reading “Dementors”
  • Rising
    Day 320 of Sobriety. Take one extremely extroverted single woman who thrives on connection and engaging with others, stun her with the shock of not one but two times removing her source of income, security, happiness, and purpose (i.e. work), isolate her by mandating an order to maintain distance from others – no physical contactContinue reading “Rising”

“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”

-Cherokee Proverb
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